Schuwey Frères SA

Eidg. Meisterdiplom/Maîtrise fédérale

Schreinerei - Zimmerei - Kücheneinrichtungen
Menuiserie - Charpente - Agencement de cuisine

MWST/TVA-Nr. 140 058

Abländschenstr. 20
1656 Jaun

Tel. 026 929 81 29
Fax 026 929 85 66


Windows, doors, kitchen furniture, etc. must be functional. Minor inputs on site by a specialist can often achieve this goal. Buildings must be maintained and converted in order to be adapted to today’s home décor concepts and to preserve the value of a home as a real estate asset. \r\nWe take great pleasure in this versatile activity, generating an important volume of work. Lots of things are possible. The results often take the customer and even us by surprise.