Schuwey Frères SA

Eidg. Meisterdiplom/Maîtrise fédérale

Schreinerei - Zimmerei - Kücheneinrichtungen
Menuiserie - Charpente - Agencement de cuisine

MWST/TVA-Nr. 140 058

Abländschenstr. 20
1656 Jaun

Tel. 026 929 81 29
Fax 026 929 85 66


Wooden windows with an adequate insulating glazing make cleaning much easier and reduce energy costs. As energy losses through windows are ten times higher than through well insulated exterior walls it is highly recommended considering window renovations as a top priority.\r\nWood/metal windows can better withstand wind and weather. We have been producing such windows for more than 20 years. Stove-enamelled aluminium in more than 1000 different colours guaranties the best possible protection against weather and noise. Wooden window interiors offer a cosy aspect and are a sympathetic eye catcher.