Schuwey Frères SA

Eidg. Meisterdiplom/Maîtrise fédérale

Schreinerei - Zimmerei - Kücheneinrichtungen
Menuiserie - Charpente - Agencement de cuisine

MWST/TVA-Nr. 140 058

Abländschenstr. 20
1656 Jaun

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The timber shell construction work will be carried out by our carpenter. Attics, facades, staircases, chalets, low energy buildings, etc. will be handled by our carpenter. We would be pleased to quote you with no obligation.

Low energy buildings

Economic changes have also required agriculture to adapt in accordance with evolving conditions. More modern facilities, building and animal protection regulations must be taken into account with new or renovated buildings. Timber, as local raw material is used in great quantities.